AT&T APN & MMS Settings for Android – updated 2014


Having issues sending and receiving mms messages?  Here are the apn, mms, 3G, and 4G connection settings required for android and straight talk smart phones. There has been alot of outdated information out there on the internet and what makes matters even worse, mobile customer service reps are not knowledgeable enough to help you – the paying customer.

Try the settings located under the Updated Information heading. We also have provided a link to customers who are on the straight talk plan. As always we enjoy helping those in need. If you would like to see more tutorials listed on our site, don’t be shy, send us an email.

AT&T Customers – Updated Settings 6.23.2014


Setup new Access Point using the settings below:

1, Go to phone settings —> more… —>mobile networks —>Access Point Names and delete all the existing APNs.  

2. Create a new APN using the + icon or related options … then,  enter the settings below

Name: ATT Phone
APN: phone
Proxy: Not set
Port: Not set
Username: Not set
Password: Not set
Server: Not set
MMS Proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
Authentication type: None
APN type: default,mms,supl
APN protocol: IPv4
APN roaming protocol: IPv4
Bearer: Unspecified
Mobile Virtual network operator: Not set

3. Restart phone — 

4. Check Internet and MMS Capabilities


Straight Talk Customers Only !

(Follow the instructions below)


Option 1 — try this link  –>

Before we start –

1. Go into the Hangouts Application and navigate to –>settings–>SMS

2. Make sure the Turn on SMS checkbox is delected ( not checked )

3. Go to phone settings —> more… —>mobile networks —>Access Point Names and delete all the existing APNs.  .. Proceed to option 2 

Option 2 – At&t Customers

Name: straight talk
APN: tfdata
Proxy: Not Set
Port: Not Set
Username: Not Set
Password: Not Set
Server: Not Set
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80

MCC: 310

Auth Type: PAP
APN type: default,supl,mms,hipri
MVNO type: None

Reboot your phone by powering it off and then back on.

Test your MMS and Internet Settings


T-Mobile Customers

Name: straight talk
APN: wap.tracfone
Proxy: Leave blank
Port: 8080
Username: Not Set
Password: Not Set
Server: Not Set
MMS Proxy: Leave blank
MMS Port: Leave blank
Save your new APN.
Reboot your phone by powering it off and then back on.

Test your MMS and Internet Settings

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  • roberta

    i have a my touch 4g cant receive or send pic messages help me plz

  • Will

    use the settings above!

  • Michelle

    I’ve used the setting above and I still cannot send/receive MMS

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  • Joe F

    I put my pre-paid AT&T sim card into a new AT&T Pre-Paid Fusion Android phone and copied down the APN settings.

    I then moved the pre-paid sim card, and transcribed the settings, to an AT&T Samsung Captivate Glide a post-paid
    phone I purchased at Amazone Wireless without a contract. And everything works! I have 4G, text and MMS.

    Here are the settings: (case sensitive as indicated)
    Username (Note the inclusion of a period between R & G)
    Password (Note the change to lowercase)

    MMS proxy
    MMS port
    Authentication type
    APN type
    APN protocol

    In the phones there is a second APN called BROADBAND but
    it is empty of any settings.
    I could not modify the setting in the Samsung so I just
    created a new one (hence “myatt”) and selected it for use.
    I also turned the phone off and back on to get it to ‘take.’
    I am waiting to see if “The Man” comes knocking on my door some day. :-)

    Presently with pre-paid service I keep it off unless needed
    and then turn it back off. Using Wi-Fi as much as possible.

    Joe F 2/14/2012

  • Ana

    where do u change the settings at in the phone? i have a 4gLTE android and dont receive or send pics n im clueless i need step by step please and fully appreciated

  • Srujan

    Thanks Joe F. The APN settings you mentioned worked fine on my friend’s HTC Titan II. Thanks a ton!

  • joe king

    I have a Chinese h108 mini iphone. can anyone help me with the mms and internet settings. i can’t seem to figure it out. thanks.

  • Kelli

    Just wanted to say these SETTINGS ARE GREAT! Thank you so much! Followed each step and worked perfect, first time, in unlocked TMobile Exhibit II! Thanks again for sharing! :)

  • Roop

    @ Joe F it did not work on my AT&T Fusion. Can you help me?

  • Roop

    I meant to say I can not geet any data and I am on the $50 plan

  • Vik

    Pefect worked great on my lumia 800

  • Crys

    Ty Joe F it worked for me. I thank you so much :)

  • sogwiz

    Thank you!

    Worked like a charm on my Samsung Note device on ATT.

    Thank you again

  • janiepuff

    I can confirm that the apn settings by Joe F work on an AT&T huawei fusion (huawei u8650). I now have 3G and MMS working beautifully. Thanks!

  • Al Rearick

    I can confirm that Joe F’s settings also work on a rooted Sony Ericsson xPeria X10a version 2.3.3. Thank you Joe F!!!

  • jo

    it wont let me change my settings on my fusion

  • JPSoso

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note running ICS which will not send a MMS. I used the AT&T APN setting you suggested, however, I cannot live APN Type blank. I can only select “Internet+MMS”, “Internet” or “MMS”. I checked “MMS” (since data plan is through a WiFi device). I still cannot send a MMS. What now?

  • Will

    try these settings.

    Access Point

    name: ATT WAP
    APN: wap.cingular
    port: 80
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 80
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 410
    APN Type: mms,supl

  • James

    I’m on the 50 dollar AT&T plan with my unlocked Pantech burst 4G LTE but I cannot use data so I manage to use apn settings and it works with WI-fi but drains battery so how can I use when off

  • renee

    i have a unlocked pantech burst att&t with net10 and i cannot send or recive mms

  • DAVE

    YOU F&*KING ROCK FOR POSTING THIS!!!!! I SPENT THREE HOURS ON THE PHONE WITH TECHs from ATT after buying a new phone and the best they could offer was a power cycle….finally i realized i needed to reset the access point….

  • Franco

    I cant set MMS on my Xperia P i have tried all that i can find on the web and i cant make MMS TO RUN… Any Help…

  • Christopher

    Settings from Joe F worked on Samsung Galaxy S Duos on AT&T. Thanks Joe F – you rock!

  • Randy

    Wow, I too spent hours on the phone to tech support, with no results. Tryed your first settings, and it worked like a charm. Thanks a million.

  • http://nerdynerdnerdz Kelly

    i have a Samsung Galaxy Note and now i am able to get picture messages. Thanx everyone. i went into AT&T and they wanted me to sign a contract.

  • JJ

    I have a verizon unlocked HTC 8X windows 8 phone. I have an ATT sim card, I put in the info above , but i still have some blacks from the settings. i need “WAP gateway port” “Maximum MMS size” “and “WAP gateway (URL). Some of it might be answered under a shorter abbreviation but im not to sure. Help please!

  • Madeydoll

    Freaking genius!!! tried so many different ones and finally this was piece of cake! Thank you, thank you!

  • Heforeverlives

    I used this in an unlocked Google G1, will this charge my att account for Internet, my phone allows mms, but no internet. Thanks!

  • ronnie

    i just bought a samsung galaxy 3 cativate from ebay, unlocked, refurbished and put it on a straight talk unlimited plan but can not access internet. was told by straighttalk to change my mms proxy and apn type un able to do that on phone any suggestions

  • Jmd

    I have a 4g lte pantech burst with a go phone sim and its not working for me

  • Dave

    Have an unlocked Galaxy Note II that is unable to send or download mms
    Tried settings above and cant get it to work

  • JR Williams

    We’ll get a tutorial up today! Thanks for the feedback..

  • Aidi higa

    Won’t work with samsung galaxy s3 mini. Att gophone. :(

  • justin

    Hey please help me I got a verizon 4/ lte I put my at&t sim vard in it and it works but I can’t get my internet to work please jelp?

  • erin

    Some of the things that I noticed when trying all of these APNs the OP is only missing (APN TYPE) you need to put default, first in order to get it to work. also you can consolidate them all to one APN just put everything together under APN TYPE and start with default,internet,mms,supl. hope this helps. I use these settings on my sprint s4 with prepay att sim and everything works fine using one APN with everything consolidated together.

  • mark

    Tried the settings for the 4g lte phone. called the access point wap.cingular. All except mms worked fine. (why we’re here!)

    Put in APN type internet as written; the access point flips back to the one that came with the phone. Back to quick battery drain on LTE. :(

    Erin’s post talks about all APN types added, which is what the factory APN has in it. Am thinking if I try this, will just keep flipping back to factory access point on LTE.

    HPSA didn’t drain the battery as fast, so would setting the APN to the cingular settings keep me on the HPSA and allow texts to be received?

    This is way above my head and comfort zone, but 6 hours battery isn’t good either.(I do understand dead phone though) LOL!!

  • Deb

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition. It’s an international version; however, I’ll only be using it in the US. I’ve tried all the settings listed, but nothing is working. Please help.

  • moderator

    Please email us a screenshot of your settings to

    follow this link with instructions on how to take a screenshot —

  • Phil

    This worked for me, but a question: why isn’t this the stock setting? Seems like they would want it to work out of the box.

  • Michael Pryor

    in regards to a factory unlocked phone by Brand name called Oppo Find 7 US VERSION. its listed and in every descriptions it sats its a 4g LTE compatible phone, but what i have learned from people on Oppo Forum that all the APN settings/ MMs settings out of box is totally wrong, and when i called the local wireless provider ATT they don’t really a big help since its not an att product. in order to assist with the correct settings for this device t work on 4G LTE Network and also to display this on the phone it self. would be appreciated for any helpful info. Thank u

  • Michael Pryor

    since it worked for u, can u please share with me if u don’t mind in details what settings did u use/ for att/
    Thank u in advance.

  • Ruth B

    My settings ended with “APN type”

    Nowhere to input APN protocol, APN roaming protocol, Bearer, Mobile Virtual network operator

  • robert.arnold

    I’ve got the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, this worked for the mobile data but not the mms

  • vicki

    It helped get my mms messaging but I can’t call and receive calls now any suggestions?

  • patrick

    i have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Net 10