Android free TI-83 & TI-84 download app and tutorial

Are you a Math major or a student currently taking a statistics class? I’m guessing you either don’t have a c-note, (can’t afford it), or at least you’re not looking to spend a c-note ($100), on a calculator you will only use for 2 -3 months. If you have an Android Phone , I have the perfect solution for you. Follow these steps to the ti-84 calculator download.

1. Head on over to the Android Market from your Android Phone and download a program called Andie Graph.
2. Install Andie Graph on your phone
3. This program will not work with out a TI -83, TI-84, TI-85, TI-86, rom.
4. Click here to download the App and click here –>(ROM) to download the required ROM
5. Unzip the rom onto your Android Device or Micro SD card using any zip program.
6. Launch Andie Graph and the Rom should automatically load
7. Select settings and choose any rom you like..

simple as that! You just saved yourself $100+ dollars.

JR Williams

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  • Jereme

    Thanks for the help guys…….just wondering though, How do I get the emulator to recognize and run downloaded programs/apps/games from the internet, like mario86 (for ti86), etc?
    thanks again

  • Will

    the emulate above does not emulate games. You will have to download a game emulator called MAME.

  • Lorna

    The ROM thing I have to do the site says it does not exist. I need this for my class. Please and thank you.

  • Will
  • Darrell

    I downloaded the emulator on my lg thrill, when i tried downloading the roms it said it was on my sd card but when i try to run calculator app it says there is no rom located on phone, also btw would anyone know of any tmobile apn codes for the lg thrill

  • Jerry

    Thanks alot for the roms you saved me the trouble of having to extract it from my old ti-83 considering I don’t even have the usb cord for it.

  • Will

    no problemo. if theres anything else we can offer .. let us know!

  • vuto

    i cant put it on my phone. I dont know :(

  • vuto

    i cant put this app on my phone. I dont know how its going

  • vuto

    Hello i need help and an answer

  • Will

    Download and install the app from the play market.. go to our forum and download the rom file to an sd card or save it to ypur phone.. load the rom from using the settings menu from the TI83 app..

  • Kelley

    If you don’t have a USB cord for your phone :

    1. Transfer via Bluetooth / Wifi / Google Drive / et cetera.
    2. Use the free app “send to SD card”
    3. Use file transfer options as instructed by app and it’ll do that job.

    I lost the transfer cable to my TI-83+ years ago, thanks guys.

  • Lina

    Thank you! You are brilliant =D

  • Will

    youre very welcome.

  • Chris

    How is this going to help when these kids get into their final exam, and the prof informs them that smartphones are not allowed in the exam, and that they were told two months ago that they were expected to have a TI-84?
    Great if it works, but make sure you check with your prof if you can use your phone for exams.

  • Will

    this program can easily make most mobile phones look like a calculator.. aside from having your phone in a case.. no teacher is should give you any problems aslong as your phone is in flight mode.

  • Terry

    Thanks so much. I had andie on my old android phone and then they took it down due to copyright and I could not locate my cable. I finally found my cable today and googled to see how to use it to download ROM so I can use andie (on my new android phone), and found you. Worked like a charm. thanks.

  • Carlos

    Did anyone make this work for a TI-84+ rom?

  • Polina Kotliar

    any way of getting the ti-84 rom?

  • Will

    ti-84 rom should be located in the forum..

  • roberto

    thanks this was really helpful!

  • DC

    is there any way to get this on an ipod?

  • DC

    also, the roms say TI89 and 85 but no TI84

  • Shaun

    Andie Graph DOES NOT support TI-84. It only supports TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+, TI-85, and TI-86.

  • Cassy

    How do you unzip the program as mentioned in step 5. Being a novice, I just hit a roadblock.

  • Will

    Windows 7/8/vista has a built-in .zip file reader.. Double click the file and you can drag the contents out of the folder to your desktop.

  • diya

    ommggg i just saved myself over $100 like seriously! this is AMAZING! guys just follow everthing this website says n download the rom and then extract in any folderto u’re computer n then connect the android devide to u’re computer n simple DRAG the file to it n it work AUTOMATICALLY!!!!

    this is truely awesome!!! :D

  • Works

    Works great for Android Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3, ICS 4.0.4, SCH-I535, rooted with stock ROM

    First, I downloaded the two zip files that are provided in the link. Then opened “Android Zip Root” and located the two files in :mnt/sdcard/downloads. Once located, unzipped both files. After unzip, went back to this webpage and downloaded the calculator app. Once app was installed, just open the app and the roms should be found within a few seconds. Hope this helps anyone out