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Helping People Help Themselves One Day At a Time

NerdyNerdNerdz was founded in 2008 as a personal blog but has since transformed to an independent “self help” consumer technology web site with several experienced writers focused on helping the ever growing internet community .

Who we are: Tech enthusiast and who actually believe in the sharing of knowledge for the greater good. We’re inspired by all individuals who strive to help humanity regardless of their social status, WE ARE FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE. We have no affiliation or invested interest in any major company or corporation therefore we will strive to deliver you the most precise information possible.


Serve the public: The information on this site is intended serve the reader with news, reviews, tutorials, and a knowledge base designed to educate, inform, preserve time, and save money.

The mission of Nerdy Nerd Nerdz is to become the first choice for respected technology information, interaction, and user driven content around the world. With that in mind Nerdy Nerd Nerdz promises the following:

Up Front and Honest:  Nerdy Nerd Nerdz believes in a foundation of ethical behavior, honesty and integrity throughout day–to-day business. Regardless of topic or event, Nerdy Nerd Nerdz will always work in an up front and honest way.

The Highest Standard:  Nerdy Nerd Nerdz believes in performance excellence. That proprietorship and the writers therein will meet or exceed the expectations of our readership. If at any point in time a reader feels this to be inaccurate they should contact the lead editor for corrective action.

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